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About Us.

The value of our services is not only
in sourcing and acquiring the right
property for our clients, but also
where we protect our clients from a
sub-optimal acquisition through our
extensive due diligence and expertise
allowing us to ask the right questions.


Our advice is based on strong insight into all aspects of the real estate industry. We have extensive property portfolio experience, and end-to-end experience working with other professionals such as builders and developers. 

We work with private clients including expats and private investors, as well as local and overseas developers, managed funds, corporates and high-net-worth individuals. We have the expertise to advise on purchasing apartments, houses, commercial buildings or development sites, and can also assist with sourcing off-market sites including raw and DA approved development sites, hotels and childcare sites. 

With a focus on Sydney, we have access to distressed sale opportunities, quiet market listings and can assist buyers in acquiring specific properties in a discrete, confidential setting. 

Adler is a real estate professional with over eighteen years of experience in the property investment sector.

Adler has always had a passion for property, buying his first property at 19-years-old and having purchased more than 25 investment properties by the age of 30. These properties were in Sydney, regional New South Wales, interstate and overseas, meaning he understands property markets at home and around the world. 

During Adler’s extensive career, he has worked with builders and property developers from financial control through to marketing and sales. This experience translates to a strong background in day-to-day cash flow management, which is vital for a successful property portfolio. In addition, he can negotiate terms and prices for his clients as he understands the psychology of buyers and vendors and the tactics that work.

Working with both private and corporate clients, Adler has a thorough understanding of risk analysis and undertakes all property acquisition work with high discretion, respecting client privacy.

Adler also worked in project marketing consultancy roles before founding his own strategic acquisition consulting agency, where he continues to work with industry leaders and developers to help other people grow their property portfolios. 

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